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Scooter thefts make it to the news in Philly

As the heat rises so do scooter thefts so many in fact, that even the local news has picked up on it. Check out the link to 6 ABC’s story featuring Philadelphia Scooters.

Overall summary of the news piece is: Lock up your scooter.

Also Fox 29 did a story as well but have yet to find it online.

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Podcast:: “Two Wheels and Some Tools”

Two Wheels and Some Tools Podcast


Tuesday night, the guys at Philadelphia Scooters, Quaker City Motor Works and Scoot Philly sat down for our first every podcast. While the production quality is a bit on the rough side, the content is quality. Topics covered are below .

- Scooter Theft
- Royal  Enfield
- Cushman II
- Mustang
- Choppers
- Electric Motorcycles/Scooter
- BMW Club Tangent
- Upcoming Rallys
- ID Rally

Please take the time to let us know how we are doing. Also if you have any questions you would like us to answer on the podcast, please email us at : scootphilly(at)gmail.com

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Profile: Leigh and Hilde

Owner: Leigh and Hilde
2010 Genuine Scooter, Stella 4T
Modifications: Scooter Works Cozy sidecar, custom pin-striping, dog harness
Purchased from: Philadelphia Scooters
Scootering Since: Since 2010- but lifelong enthusiast.
Other Scooter: 2009 SYM Symba

Leigh and Hildagard Von Dekka-Haus (Hilde) have the ability to make even the most roughest of Philadelphians smile. The sight of a German Shepard in a scooter sidecar is not something you see in Philadelphia but Leigh and Hilde make regular trips out. The only question is, who enjoys the ride more; Leigh or Hilde? Make sure if you see them to say “Hi”, Hilde loves to have her picture taken.

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Givi Rear Rack for Genuine Stella / Vespa P.

In a recent Scoot Magazine article, they showed the photo above and mentioned that Givi is coming out with some new style of top case. What caught my eye was the LML Star and the mounting bracket used for the Givi top case.

If you don’t know, Givi manufactures accessories for motorcycles and scooters. Based in Italy, they make some of nicest top cases and windshields available on the market.

Calling Givi USA, they had no idea what we were talking about. After a bit of researching on Givi’s UK site, we got the part numbers needed and Philadelphia Scooters ordered up both rear racks special order. No word on when they will arrive but I will post some pictures when they do.

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Sidecar 101

Fred from the Last Call Scooter Club recently picked up a sweet sidecar rig. He decided to share his experiences with everyone.

Two fisted side car adventures #1

“This is the first installment of my side car blog. I will be writing this from the first week of April until the first weekend of June where I will be riding with my wife from Philadelphia to Wildwood NJ  for the East coast Classics Scooter rally!

Now before we go any further I am not an expert! In fact today was the first time I got to ride my sidecar rig so most of this blog will be the process of learning to ride a scooter with a sidecar rig from the first time getting on to taking it to its first rally! I picked up a cozy sidecar through Philadelphia Scooters and had them install it on a 1979 Vespa P200 which I also put a disc conversion on the front breaks. This was a great idea because the added weight makes stopping a little bit harder. I read a lot of stuff online about riding a sidecar outfit. The sidecar bible is probably the most thorough and there is a PDF you can download that will tell you kind of what to expect.

Now on to Riding! First thing is the wobble. At low speeds your steering will be all kinds of wonky and your handlebars will wobble back and forth .The first time you get moving it’s really weird and may be a bit scary but now is no time to panic! It’s all pretty normal and it’s not like your going to fall over. After a bit of riding today I figured out a couple of things that were helpful. If you give it a little more throttle it seriously  lessens the wobble. I’m not saying to gun it but don’t be afraid to get on the throttle like you normally would while riding your scooter.It also helps out a lot if you keep those elbows loose. Putting a death grip on your handle bars just makes the wobble worse and shakes you with it. I rode around in a parking lot just as it says in the sidecar bible until I was pretty comfortable with it.
Side cars pull! They pull you all over the place and by the end of the summer I suspect I will have big burly muscles just steering this thing. It pulls to the right when you start moving and to the left when you break. The whole time your riding you are compensating for it wanting to pull towards the sidecar but I’m sure you get used to it
Steering is weird! Most of the turns I have done so far were at very low speeds but you don’t lean at all you actually turn!  Left turns feel easy and not like you are turning your handlebars like crazy,right turns feel really odd! These are all at very low speeds,I am a novice and not looking to lift the sidecar off the ground or do something else really scary. They DO NOT like to turn fast, your breaks are your friends. Slow down before turning . I did a bunch of circles, some loose some really tight and basically  messed around until I got comfortable with it, sometimes with a passenger and sometimes without. It handles completely different with a passenger than without. I also practiced keeping it within the lines of the parking spaces before I hit the streets to make sure I could stay in a lane.

Now we hit the streets. First thing to remember is keep to the left you have a big ass sidecar on your  right side and its best not to smash it into stuff.  Don’t be afraid to put your turn signals on a little early and take them off after turning.They are really hard to use at first while your handle bars are wobbling back and forth. Just take it easy and get comfortable before getting all dare-devil and taking it on big streets. Try not to play in traffic until you are ready to.

Well boys and girls that’s all for this week! More to come.”

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Great Weather For A Ride

If you missed out on the chance to dust off the scoot and go for a ride today, your in luck. Tomorrow’s weather looks to be even better but being a Monday most people have to work. A bunch of us made it out to brunch today at The Witch. It was a great time and the food was good as well. While I won’t give out names, there were; 3 Stellas, 2 Buddys, 2 Rattlers, 1 Symba and a Vespa P200. Hopefully the weather will keep improving and there will be many more great Sunday brunches.

If you got a chance to get your scoot out this weekend, send us a photo. We would love to post it!

“Live to ride, ride to brunch.” – ID 8 Sticker.

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The wait is over! (almost)

Genuine Scooters sent out a letter to dealers on Friday, letting them know that the 4T Stella is “sailing” and should be at dealers by late February or early March. They told dealers to let the customers who had put down deposits about the news.  The letter also goes on to say the the 2009 will be the last model year for the Stella 2T.

After hearing of this news, a few things come to mind.

  1. Expect more delays thanks to our wonderful government agencys.
  2. Dealers may not get all the bikes they ordered right away so if you recently put down a deposit there may be several people before you.
  3. RIP Stella 2T. Snag up the last of the 2T before there gone!

I am excited for this news, having deposit on a Cream Stella for some time now. There will be many photos once it hits the streets of Philly.  If you have any questions about the 4T Stella, call your local Genuine Scooters dealer.

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Upgrade your Stella Speedo!


SIP in Germany has a great new speedometer upgrade for your Genuine Stella / Vespa PX or PK. What makes this speedometer better than your current one is the addition of features that anyone one who has or wanted to upgrade their scoot wants. Before this, you had to use several different methods or devices to get the same information as this one upgraded speedometer. I think the cost is worth it. My only tip, find a way to add a fuse. Ask me why on Facebook. SIP also makes these for P series and VBB style Vespas.


  • All the same features as your current speedometer
  • Speedo can handle up to 125 mph
  • Cylinder head temperature up to 250 degrees C  (I think this can be changed to F)
  • Driving times
  • Tachometer !!!
  • Average Speed

Cost is $196 + shipping

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LML Factory Tour


PJ Chmiel at his website posted a great tour of the LML factory in India, LML made Vespa in the late 80′s early 90′s and now makes the Genuine Stella here in the states and the LML Star in Europe. The photos appear to be from 2005 so you won’t see any new 4-stroke Stellas but its still neat to see how these scooters are made.

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