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Podcast: Episode 6 of “Two Wheels and Some Tools”

Two Wheels and Some Tools
Awesome Helmets.

(Please excuse the skipping in the recording.)

Links to additional information:
The R2D2 Scooter Helmet
Philly Art

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Podcast: Episode 5 of “Two Wheels and Some Tools”

Two Wheels and Some Tools
Clubs and Culture

Links to additional information:
Scoot Philly’s club page
Oily Pipes Gang
Chin on the Tank
Two Wheel Tuesday
Philadelphia Riders
East Coast Gypsy Run

Hostile City Scoot Club  <- Join this!

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Stolen Scooter Database:

If you have not heard, there has been a rash of scooter thefts in Philadelphia. Almost all of the thefts could have been avoided if the scooters had been chained to something sturdy using a quality chain.

The first 48 hours after your scooter is stolen are the most important. After that the chances of recovering it drop steeply.

Things to do once your scooter is stolen:
-Is is really stolen or did you park is somewhere different? (Trust me, it happens.)
-File a police report
-Call your insurance company
-Post your scooter on is a new free service that uses social media to get the word out. Allowing many scooterist see where, when and what your scooter looks like. Increasing your chances of recovering your scooter.

Even if your scooter has not been stolen, follow them on Facebook or Twitter. Help other scooterist.


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Scooter thefts make it to the news in Philly

As the heat rises so do scooter thefts so many in fact, that even the local news has picked up on it. Check out the link to 6 ABC’s story featuring Philadelphia Scooters.

Overall summary of the news piece is: Lock up your scooter.

Also Fox 29 did a story as well but have yet to find it online.

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Podcast:: “Two Wheels and Some Tools”

Two Wheels and Some Tools Podcast


Tuesday night, the guys at Philadelphia Scooters, Quaker City Motor Works and Scoot Philly sat down for our first every podcast. While the production quality is a bit on the rough side, the content is quality. Topics covered are below .

- Scooter Theft
- Royal  Enfield
- Cushman II
- Mustang
- Choppers
- Electric Motorcycles/Scooter
- BMW Club Tangent
- Upcoming Rallys
- ID Rally

Please take the time to let us know how we are doing. Also if you have any questions you would like us to answer on the podcast, please email us at : scootphilly(at)

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Reminder: ID XI, The last minute scooter rally

It’s this weekend. Hope to see you all there!

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Profile: Leigh and Hilde

Owner: Leigh and Hilde
2010 Genuine Scooter, Stella 4T
Modifications: Scooter Works Cozy sidecar, custom pin-striping, dog harness
Purchased from: Philadelphia Scooters
Scootering Since: Since 2010- but lifelong enthusiast.
Other Scooter: 2009 SYM Symba

Leigh and Hildagard Von Dekka-Haus (Hilde) have the ability to make even the most roughest of Philadelphians smile. The sight of a German Shepard in a scooter sidecar is not something you see in Philadelphia but Leigh and Hilde make regular trips out. The only question is, who enjoys the ride more; Leigh or Hilde? Make sure if you see them to say “Hi”, Hilde loves to have her picture taken.

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Philadelphia Independence Day Scooter Rally!

[Hostile City Scooter Club]

No frills rally. Hang out, grab a drink, talk scooters and go for a ride. No raffle, only 2 sponsors. Getting back to basics.

Subject to change!

I’ll try to post updates on our Facebook as they occur.

Tentative Schedules:  (July 1st to July 3rd)

Friday: 8pm-?

Meet up at McCuskers Tavern

Saturday: Noonish

Eat some stuff and bullshit with people at Philadelphia Scooters


Ride out to Simeone Museum and then to the burbs

Saturday: 4ish

BBQ and stuff at Quaker City Motor Works

Saturday: 6ish

Short ride around the burbs

Saturday: 9ish

Cruise down the drives to catch the parkway at night from the art museum steps, then off to get your drink on



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Buddy 170i, Whats new?

Please welcome the new Buddy 170i to the already great Genuine Scooters line up. For the most part, the new Buddy is same as you might expect compared to the Buddy 150. Where it is different is a bit harder to spot.

Lets start with the most obvious; color. The Buddy comes in silver, green and a two-tone brown. The brown is very chocolate in color and the silver is very shiny, seeming to sparkle in the sun. While the green is very dark in color and can almost look black in the shade. Also do not forget the new racing stripe on the green and silver model.

Now on to the less obvious. The speedometer has been raised to 90 mph. The oil color has been moved from behind the battery box to now in front of it. There is also a bit less under seat storage due to some more components under the hood as well the addition of a computer hook-up where the oil fill would be on a Buddy 50.

Finally, the removal of the kick starter. While I bet you could swap the cover of the transmission from a Buddy 150, typical fuel injection systems will not work if the voltage drops below 10 volts or so. If you need to kick-start your scoot, there is a good chance your voltage is below the required amount for fuel injection to work.

As I get more hands on time with this scoot, look forward to more updates and photos.

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Buddy 170i is in Philly!

Just in, new Buddy 170i is in at Philadelphia Scooters. Stop by today to check them out!


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