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Podcast: Episode 4 of “Two Wheels and Some Tools”

Two Wheels and Some Tools
Local Rides and Scooter of the Year

I’m lazy so there are no additional links yet.

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Profile: Leigh and Hilde

Owner: Leigh and Hilde
2010 Genuine Scooter, Stella 4T
Modifications: Scooter Works Cozy sidecar, custom pin-striping, dog harness
Purchased from: Philadelphia Scooters
Scootering Since: Since 2010- but lifelong enthusiast.
Other Scooter: 2009 SYM Symba

Leigh and Hildagard Von Dekka-Haus (Hilde) have the ability to make even the most roughest of Philadelphians smile. The sight of a German Shepard in a scooter sidecar is not something you see in Philadelphia but Leigh and Hilde make regular trips out. The only question is, who enjoys the ride more; Leigh or Hilde? Make sure if you see them to say “Hi”, Hilde loves to have her picture taken.

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Givi Rear Rack for Genuine Stella / Vespa P.

In a recent Scoot Magazine article, they showed the photo above and mentioned that Givi is coming out with some new style of top case. What caught my eye was the LML Star and the mounting bracket used for the Givi top case.

If you don’t know, Givi manufactures accessories for motorcycles and scooters. Based in Italy, they make some of nicest top cases and windshields available on the market.

Calling Givi USA, they had no idea what we were talking about. After a bit of researching on Givi’s UK site, we got the part numbers needed and Philadelphia Scooters ordered up both rear racks special order. No word on when they will arrive but I will post some pictures when they do.

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Scoot to the an Exclusive Event!

Philadelphia Scooters is looks for some scooterist to join an advance screening of the new Larry Crowne movie.

From Philadelphis Scooters Facebook page:

You’re invited to an Exclusive Advance Screening of Larry Crowne on Tuesday June 28th, at 7:30PM at the Ritz Five (214 Walnut St, Phila. Pa)!!!  Limited free passes to scooter riders.  Meet at the shop at 6:00pm for a group ride to the theater!  Front row rock star SCOOTER parking in front of the theater!!

Remember passes are limited and you need to be riding your scooter. See you there!

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Buddy 170i, Whats new?

Please welcome the new Buddy 170i to the already great Genuine Scooters line up. For the most part, the new Buddy is same as you might expect compared to the Buddy 150. Where it is different is a bit harder to spot.

Lets start with the most obvious; color. The Buddy comes in silver, green and a two-tone brown. The brown is very chocolate in color and the silver is very shiny, seeming to sparkle in the sun. While the green is very dark in color and can almost look black in the shade. Also do not forget the new racing stripe on the green and silver model.

Now on to the less obvious. The speedometer has been raised to 90 mph. The oil color has been moved from behind the battery box to now in front of it. There is also a bit less under seat storage due to some more components under the hood as well the addition of a computer hook-up where the oil fill would be on a Buddy 50.

Finally, the removal of the kick starter. While I bet you could swap the cover of the transmission from a Buddy 150, typical fuel injection systems will not work if the voltage drops below 10 volts or so. If you need to kick-start your scoot, there is a good chance your voltage is below the required amount for fuel injection to work.

As I get more hands on time with this scoot, look forward to more updates and photos.

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Buddy 170i is in Philly!

Just in, new Buddy 170i is in at Philadelphia Scooters. Stop by today to check them out!


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Buddy 170i Photos – Modern Buddy


Eric from recently posted photos of the new Genuine Scooters Buddy 170i after coming off the factory floor at PGO.

The new Buddy colors look great. I am personally a fan of the silver. We will have a review of the new Buddy 170i once they show up in Philly. Untill then, enjoy the photos.

Also, if you have a Genuine Scooter’s Buddy, Check out Modern Buddy. It’s a great resource for Buddy owners and any Scooterist.

Follow Eric on Twitter under @scooterism.

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Spring is here!

Now that spring is here, it is time to ride!
If you are now pulling your scooter out of storage, remember to do the following;

Check and or charge your battery.
Check the pressure in your tires.
Check your oil in your scooter. (2t and 4t oil)
Check to make sure all your lights are working.
Check all your paperwork. (Insurance and registration)
Check your helmet and riding gear.

Clean your scooter!

Also if you did not have your scooter serviced in the fall, now is a great time. Shops can get very backed up come mid-summer.

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Great Weather For A Ride

If you missed out on the chance to dust off the scoot and go for a ride today, your in luck. Tomorrow’s weather looks to be even better but being a Monday most people have to work. A bunch of us made it out to brunch today at The Witch. It was a great time and the food was good as well. While I won’t give out names, there were; 3 Stellas, 2 Buddys, 2 Rattlers, 1 Symba and a Vespa P200. Hopefully the weather will keep improving and there will be many more great Sunday brunches.

If you got a chance to get your scoot out this weekend, send us a photo. We would love to post it!

“Live to ride, ride to brunch.” – ID 8 Sticker.

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The wait is over! (almost)

Genuine Scooters sent out a letter to dealers on Friday, letting them know that the 4T Stella is “sailing” and should be at dealers by late February or early March. They told dealers to let the customers who had put down deposits about the news.  The letter also goes on to say the the 2009 will be the last model year for the Stella 2T.

After hearing of this news, a few things come to mind.

  1. Expect more delays thanks to our wonderful government agencys.
  2. Dealers may not get all the bikes they ordered right away so if you recently put down a deposit there may be several people before you.
  3. RIP Stella 2T. Snag up the last of the 2T before there gone!

I am excited for this news, having deposit on a Cream Stella for some time now. There will be many photos once it hits the streets of Philly.  If you have any questions about the 4T Stella, call your local Genuine Scooters dealer.

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